Calendar of Events

The following events are scheduled for 2024. Please check the list on a regular basis because we are always adding new information.

Click on the month to see detailed class schedules for the month.


  • 17th-21st: Kodanja (Grandmaster Ferraro)
  • 26th-27th: Belt Tests


  • 9th: Friday Night Fight Night (Nunan’s Martial Arts)
  • 16th-17th: Belt Tests
  • 24th: LSI Tournament (Nunan’s Martial Arts)


  • 1st-3rd: The Karate School Training Camp (Master Davis)
  • 22nd: Friday Night Fight Night (Aim and Focus)
  • 29th-30th: Belt Tests


  • 5th: Friday Night Fight Night (Hwa Sun Martial Arts)
  • 13th: Region 6 Black Belt Test (Nunan’s Martial Arts)
  • 20th: ACE Tournament (Aim and Focus Karate)
  • 26th-27th: Belt Tests
  • 27th: Black Belt Recertification / Pre-Test (Aim and Focus)


  • 3rd: Friday Night Fight Night (Nunan’s Martial Arts)
  • 17th-18th: Belt Tests



  • 28th-29th: Belt Tests


  • 18th-19th: Belt Tests
  • 25th-26th: Weekend with the Masters (Grandmaster Ferraro)


  • 29th-30th: Belt Tests


  • 14th: Rumble in Humble Tournament (Humble)
  • 20th/21st: Belt Tests
  • 21st: Black Belt Pre-Test / Recertification Test 
  • 28th: Black Belt Test (Humble)


  • 4th: Make-up Black Belt Pre-Test / Recertification Test
  • Combined Belt Test in December


  • 8th-9th: Belt Tests
  • 25th-30th: SCHOOL CLOSED

Note: The Region 6 Black Belt Test has been scheduled for Saturday, April 30th. Location to be determined.

Black Belt Test / Region 6 Tournaments Schedule

  • 02/24/24: LSI 16 Tournament (Master Nunan)
  • 04/13/24: Region 6 Spring Black Belt Test (Nunan's Martial Arts)
  • 04/20/24: ACE Tournament (Master Johnson)
  • 06/08/24: Midsummer Challenge Tournament (Master Spratt)
  • 07/12-14/24: 30th Annual All Tang Soo Do National Championship, Stamford, CT (Grandmaster Ferraro)
  • 08/23-24/24: Weekend with the Masters, The Karate School, Humble, TX (Master Davis)
  • 09/21/24: Region 6 Fall Black Belt Test, Humble, TX (Master Davis)
  • 10/12/24: Rumble in Humble Tournament, Humble, TX (Master Davis)
  • 10/26/24: TAC Clinic, Hwa Sun Martial Arts, Liberty Hill, TX (Master Spratt)