Nationals 2017

2017 Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan National Championship 

The National Tournament 2017 was a great success.  The event was held in San Antonio, Texas.  We had students from White Belt to 4th Degree Black Belt competing.  We had competitors in virtually every rank from our school.

We are not a “tournament school”.  We don’t train specifically to compete in tournaments.  We train in a traditional manner with a focus on attitude,  humility and discipline with a keen focus on proper technique.  The results is we often do well in tournaments because of how we train.  This is similar to my approach on “board breaking”.  We focus on technique…then occasionally put a board as a target and see how focused are technique can be.  Our Black Belts are excellent examples.  They are very successful in tournaments and breaking.  This philosophy yields great results.

Competing in a tournament of this magnitude is difficult at best.  The students are nervous and facing strong competition.  Win,  lose or tie, they are out there competing.  They are facing these challenges and overcoming them.  This is truly the benefit of tournaments.  The trophies and medals are great, the discipline and focus really matters.

List of participants and medal results

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Team Triple Threat Jr with their coaches (Ms. Lopez & Ms. Newcomb)

IMG 7240

Head table — Master Kopf, Grandmaster Ferraro and Master McGuiness


Team Fantastic Four being congralated by Grandmaster Ferraro

All Teams

Teams Fantastic Four, Triple Threat and Triple Threat Jr — ALL winners !!!!

Young Orange Belt competitor pictured with his instructors

FF 1st

Team Fantastic Four — National Champions in Team Black Belt Forms

How do you stand in the ring ?  At Attention !!!!!

Young Cho Dan with two 1st Place medals (Forms & Weapons Forms)

How do you fight at Aim and Focus Karate ?   Fight like a girl !!!!

SBN Pasket

Sa Bom Nim Therase Pasket — Masters Sparring Champion !!!!

Kyo Sa Nim Holly Holt

National Black Belt Forms (Chil Sang) Champion

National Black Belt Weapons (Staff) Champion

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