The following events are scheduled for 2019.  Please check the list on a regular basis because we are always adding new information.

The Belt Tests for our White to Red Belt students are highlighted in bold BLUE.  The tournaments/clinics in Region 6 are also highlighted in bold text.  Our efforts to support the Food Pantry with Austin Vineyard Church are highlighted in GREEN.

We publish the “Belt Test” calendar for the first half of the year in January.  The calendar for the last six months of the year will be published in April.



  • 1st/2nd:  Black Belt Recert / Test Prep Class
  • 1st-3rd:  Karate Training Camp (Master Davis, Camp Cullen)
  • 8th:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)
  • 8th/9th:  Black Belt Recert / Test Prep Class
  • 15th/16th:  Black Belt Recert / Test Prep Class
  • 22nd/23rd:  Color Belt Belt Test
  • 24th:  Austin Vineyard Church Food Pantry
  • 29th-30th:  Weekend with the Masters (Master Davis, Humble)


  • 5th:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)
  • 5th/6th:  Black Belt Recert / Test Prep Class
  • 13th:  Spring Black Belt Test (hosted by Aim and Focus)
  • 19th/20th:  Color Belt Belt Test
  • 20th: Spring Black Belt Pre-Test / Recertification Test
  • 27th:  Texas Tang Soo Do Classic Tournament (New Bruanfels)
  • 28th:  Austin Vineyard Church Food Pantry


  • 3rd:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)
  • 11th:  Shotokan Invitational Tournament
  • 17th/18th:  Color Belt Belt Test
  • 26th:  Austin Vineyard Church Food Pantry


  • 6th:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)
  • 22nd:  Aim and Focus Shootout Tournament (Austin)
  • 23rd:  Austin Vineyard Church Food Pantry
  • 29th:  Color Belt Belt Test


  • 12th:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)
  • 18th-21st:  Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan National Tournament 
    • Long Beach, CA 


  • 2nd:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)


  • 13th:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)


  • 4th:  Kodanja class (Master Nunan)
  • 12th:  Rumble in Humble Tournament (Master Davis)
  • 19th:  Fall Black Belt Pre-Test / Recertification
  • 26th:  Fall Black Belt Test (hosted by Master Nunan)


  • 9th:  Wurstfest Clinic (Master David Brandt)
  • 15th-17th:  Dan Camp (Master Riley)


  • No scheduled events (yet !!!)

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