The following events are scheduled for 2018.  Please check the list on a regular basis because we are always adding new information.

The Belt Tests for our White to Red Belt students are highlighted in bold BLUE.  The tournaments in Region 6 are also highlighted in bold text.

Initially we only schedule the Belt Tests for the first 6 months of the year. The remainder of the Belt Tests for the year will be scheduled in March.



  • 25th:  Color Belt Test (White to Red belt ranks)


  • 28th/29th:  Color Belt Tests (White to Red belt ranks)


  • 13th:  Rumble in Humble Tournament (Master Tripp Davis)
  • 19th/20th:  Color Belt Tests (White to Red belt ranks)
  • 27th:  Fall Dan Testing (Master Tripp Davis / Humble)


  • 10th:  Wurst Clinic (Master Brett Riley)
  • 30th- Dec 2nd:  Dan Camp (Master Brett Riley/New Braunfels)
  • Note: No color belt test in November (combined with December)


  • 7th/8th:  Combined November/Decemeber Color Belt Tests

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