Tang Soo Do Classes

Tang Soo Do -- Traditional Korean Martial Art


At Aim and Focus Karate we offer classes in the Korean Martial Art Tang Soo Do.  The school was founded in January 2000.  The head instructor /owner is Master Ben Johnson.  Master Johnson is a 5th Degree Black Belt in the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association and has been training in Tang Soo Do for over 27 years.  Master Johnson has over 30 active Black Belts in the school and all but one are original white belt students of Aim and Focus.  The quality and consistency of instruction at our school is simply exceptional.

Tang Soo Do is a "stand up" kicking style of martial art.  It is very similiar to Tae Kwon Do and shares its origin with the martial arts of Korea.  At Aim and Focus we study the following general categories of study:

  • Basics (Kicking, Punching, Blocking)
  • Forms (Preset sequences of motions…some of which are centuries old)
  • Self Defense (Specific techniques if an attacker has their hands on you)
  • One Steps (Specific responses to a single committed attack…precursor to sparring)
  • Sparring (Bringing all our training together in an effective defense)
  • Breaking (Board breaking…teaches us "aim and focus"

We offer a flexible class schedule (see Calendar) that allows families to train together.  We have two active training floors, so it is easy to separate different groups and/or conduct separate classes as needed.

Master Johnson is not a believer in financial contracts that tie you into something you may no longer wish to continue. We send out monthly statements to our students.  This does NOT mean students can interrupt their training / payment because of conflict with other obligations.  It means as long as you are a student of Aim and Focus Karate, you will receive a monthly invoice.

We offer a free “Introductry Class” to anyone interested in training with us.  This class will last about 30 minutes.  It gives perspective students a chance to tour the facility, meet the instructors and train in Tang Soo Do.

Please call the school (512-257-8552) to let us know if you’ll be attending one of the Introductory Classes:

  • Friday’s     6:00PM-6:30PM

When a student joins Aim and Focus Karate, please look at this arrangement as a "membership".  You must continue to pay for your membership even if your training is interrupted for an extended period (vacations, etc.).

Summer Camp

Financial charges are simple.

  • First student in a family pays $105 / month
  • If another family member joins, they pay $90 / month
  • If a third (or more)  member of the same family joins, then all students in the family pay $90 / month
  • We do ask that you give us 30 days notice if you wish to withdraw from the program.  We do not automatically drop students due to lack of attendance.  There could be any number of reasons why a student misses classes but they want to continue training.
  • Withdrawal notifications must be received prior to the 1st of the month or tuition charges will be processed.  Partial month refunds simply are not possible.
  • If an account is inactive (no attendance) for 90 days, we will mark the account inactive automatically.
  • Other costs include
    • After the first belt test, students join the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Assocation.  The annual dues is $30 / yr. (discounted to $20 / yr for family members).  Aim and Focus pays this fee for the FIRST YEAR but afterwards the student is responsible for paying this yearly fee.
    • Belt Tests ($50 each…can occur as often as every 3 months, 6 months for more advanced ranks)
    • Clinics / Seminars (range from $25 - $45 each; are always optional)
    • Uniforms ($20 each --- first uniform is free with enrollment)
    • Sparring gear ($75 for a complete set --- headgear, gloves and boots)
      • Sparring gear is not required for class until the student is at least a Green Belt (training about a year)
      • Sparring gear IS required for all tournaments (if a student participates in the sparring event) regardless of rank
      • White and Orange Belt students are welcome to purchase sparring gear if they wish

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