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Sa Bom Nim

People walk through the doors of Aim and Focus Karate for many reasons.  Some are looking for exercise and fitness, others seek a better ability to defend themselves and others simply say, “I’ve always wanted to study martial arts.”  Whatever the reason, they are entering the world of martial arts and it will enrich their lives.

Aim and Focus Karate is dedicated to the study of a traditional martial art focusing on respect and discipline with a good amount of fun and excitement.  It is a place to learn without intimidation, grow without limits and explore exactly what you're capable of doing with the right encouragement.

Follow this link to look at the wide range of programs we offer.  We welcome visitors to our school anytime.  E-mail can be a great way to find out information easily without spending time on something that doesn't meet your needs.

Our school belongs to a larger organization, the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association.  Master Johnson feels it is important to be part of a strong, vibrant organization to enrich and enhance the material we teach in our school.  The Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan is the only large Tang Soo Do organization that features not only the traditional material of Korean martial arts but also the contemporary forms created by the founder of Tang Soo Do, Grandmaster Hwang Kee.  

"We train hard to condition our bodies, improve our flexibility and stamina, but it's the discipline, respect, self-esteem and self-confidence that truly enriches our lives.” --- Master Ben Johnson

The following picture was taken during the recent World Tang Soo Do Family Tournament held in Las Vegas.  This picture was taken during the “Black Belt Team Form” competition.

Ironman Stance

Many of our Black Belts attended the promotion class for two new 2nd Degree Black Belts (E Dans).  Congratulations to Curtis and Shawn for this huge accomplishment.

Promotion Picture
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